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  • David B

    David B

  • Jabbar Abdul

    Jabbar Abdul

  • SyracuseFirst


    The only non profit that promotes, connects, & advocates for locally-owned, independent businesses. Central NY's Independent Business Alliance #BuyLocal

  • Joe Cunningham

    Joe Cunningham

    Screenwriter, playwright, entrepreneur. Runs faster when listening to Batman music. #rush

  • Kathleen Farrell

    Kathleen Farrell

    Human Being, I think.

  • Gia Orlando

    Gia Orlando

    "What I possess, seems far away to me, and what is gone becomes reality." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

  • Emma Larkins

    Emma Larkins

    Friendly face at @moxboarding. #gamedesigndaily. Designer of tabletop card game Heartcatchers. Scifi novel Mechalarum.

  • Ellie Vranian

    Ellie Vranian

    Hi! im Ellie! I really want to think that Im some amazing righter but I’m not. This is my blabber. Thanks for reading!

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