Gold skinned man sitting on SF throne with a unicorn over left shoulder, a gorilla over right and several cats. Source:
A snippet from George R.R. Martin’s (published) Tuf Voyaging book. It’s… a lot. Source

And Why It’s a Useless Metric

If you’re an author who writes anything and risks your mental health by shipping out stories to magazines, publishers, or agents, you may have received feedback like this:

“The story and characterization is good, but the plot just doesn’t seem believable.”

If you’re “lucky” you’ll end up with a few…

For some history on this meme:

This past month has been great. I built a table (almost done), finished rewriting a book, finished a couple stories, even got a few personalized rejection letters (*does Coach Steve Steve arm stretch*).

It’s absolutely terrifying.

Now, anyone with some variation of Bipolar is probably nodding along sagely while the…

Mike Wyant Jr.

Writer and gamer with a few cute pets who moonlights as the Editor of The Storyteller Series Podcast. Patreon:

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